Why Having Passions Outside of Work is Healthy for the Freelance Professional

Too many people make the mistake of believing that the mark of a successful entrepreneur is becoming a workaholic. But that simply isn’t the case.

Truly successful professionals understand the importance of balancing work and play. Why is having passions outside of work healthy for the professional freelancer?

It Contributes to Your Work

Believe it or not, having a life outside of your work and passions that allows you to take a break from your career will actually have a positive impact on your work. When you breakaway from business-related projects, you allow your mind to be refreshed with other distractions. And during those moments when you are focusing on something other than work, you will find greater mental clarity and the opportunity to create news ideas for work-related projects.

It Makes You a Stronger Person

Having passions outside of your work makes you a well-rounded individual. Being not only interested in, but passionate about something, shows you can endure the hardships and challenges that come with the rewards of working towards something. When you stick with something and don’t let the difficulties deter you, it ultimately makes you a stronger person, which is an incredible asset to have in your business endeavors.

It’s a Hidden Networking Opportunity

Perhaps your passion is a solo activity. But if it is something that you can enjoy doing with other people, then it becomes a chance for you to network without it even feeling like work. When you bond with other people over mutual passions, you are nurturing authentic relationships. The best professional connections you make could actually be personal connections.

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