Why Collaboration is Necessary for Creativity

Creativity begs for individuality. We love to get the credit for the work we produce, for the ideas that we have, for the stance that we take.

After all, this is our place, our calling in the world: to make things, whether tangible or abstract, whether a painting or a website, an office building, a journal full of lyrics, or the music that gives those lyrics an avenue for telling.

Yet, ask any creative (likely, even your own self) and you will find that creative collaboration is essential. We have to talk to people in order to stay in tune with our own humanity.

What else is creativity but an explanation of humanity in its various aspects? Even architecture, which largely relies on a well-planned physical structure, tells a story of people. PEOPLE. Not A PERSON. While each person is unique, we are also all alike, and our needs can be boiled down to five needs, as Abraham Maslow accurately deduced. These are, as you may know, physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. These are universal needs. What is individual is how we find fulfillment of these needs.

As you create, do you find it helpful to talk to others? Do you stay inside, trying hard to shut the world out so you can think? While there is a time for this kind of creativity, this must not be the only thing we do. If we stay in our own homes, or even in our own heads, we will lose the humanity we were created to explain.

Check out this article on forbes.com called “New Research Shows People Really Do Need People.” While this article speaks of a study on children, the conclusion is that, “children really do need other people to learn how to recognize emotions, and dare I say to some degree so do we all. We all have needs for each other, and because of this we are all the luckiest people in the world.”

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