User Experience Design is a Key Part of a Good Sales Funnel

Warm leads are a joy to behold. Nothing is more pleasant than having a welcoming conversation with a potential client then making the sale. A good sales funnel converts warm leads. Good user experience design ensures good sales funnels.

Brand appropriate sales funnels are great ways to market to your target demographic, and make the sales process a positive experience for everyone.

Sales funnels are a form of inbound marketing where you lead the customer to your service by giving her something of value at every step. This is typically information in the form of useful articles, white pages or ebooks. However, you can also give away coupons, free services and free products.

In a typical sales funnel:

  1. The customer shows interest in a free offer,
  2. You collect the customer’s name and email address in exchange for the offer,
  3. You email the customer regularly alerting them of new free or discounted offers along with blog article posts, newsletters, classes or podcasts that they might have interest in, etc.
  4. You engage with your potential customers through social media regularly, and
  5. Eventually your target customer becomes interested in your product or service and becomes a buyer

In addition to providing your target audience with high quality, useful information during their interactions with you, you also want to make sure they have a good experience at every turn. Unfortunately, many modern websites are full of:

  • Slow-loading, e-commerce or ad heavy pages,
  • Tedious pop-ups,
  • Weird background colors in relation to text or small text, making them hard to read,
  • Huge images,
  • Awkward juxtaposition and structure, and
  • Constantly buffering videos

In addition, many sites still aren’t mobile friendly.

Sites like this provide a frustrating experience for many users. Not everyone has the most up-to-date device to read your content, nor do they have the fastest internet connection. There’s a reason that sites like Craigslist, Facebook and Google are the consistent big fish in the pond. They are, and have always been, simple to use.

It’s crucial to have both excellent content and brand appropriate, high-quality, user experience design throughout your sales funnel. When customers enjoy their interaction with you, they become brand advocates, the most valuable types of customers.

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