Tips To Avoid Burnout As a Freelance Professional

It can be hard to be a freelance professional. You often spend days or weeks by yourself. You may find yourself with no one to talk to as you create your masterpieces and finish all of your multiple projects. Many business owners and freelance professionals burnout because of this. However, they can easily avoid it with the following tips:

Do not overbook yourself

Even when busy, it is easy to say “Yes!” to new projects. You’ve always got an eye towards cash flow but you should not take on more projects than you can handle. Spreading yourself too thin hurts you and your clients. If you are juggling a lot of projects, and the main motivator is money, take a step back and think about your billing rate. Charging more will probably reduce the flow of new projects but it will increase the flow of better projects. More money for you, more opportunity for you to work on bigger and more complex business problems for your clients. Charge more!

Take time for yourself

Of course, you should really love what you do, but you need to have other hobbies outside of work. Whether you relax with a good book or movie, you need to find ways to unwind at the end of the day. Pamper yourself!

Have a good support system

Many creatives find themselves shut off by themselves for days at a time. You need friends who are willing to show up and get you out of the house, especially if they have not seen you for days. And, you need to have the willpower to tie your shoes and get out of the house. Stay active!

Attend networking events

Not only are these events a good way for you to grow your business, they are a good way for you to socialize with other professionals who are just like you. They’re also a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your community and industry. Be social!

Being a freelance professional can be difficult. Many people find themselves shut off and they get burned out easily. However, with a support system of friends and peers you do not have to feel lonely.

"It is hard to capture everything Eric brings to the table in just three attributes. He is a very creative designer who has learned to balance his creative expertise with a professional and personable business side. He commits to deadlines and budgets, which when he helped us with a project for one of our largest clients, it made a significant impact on the success of the project. I would highly recommend him for any project."
Chris Beauchamp, Director of Client Engagement, The Institute for Generative Leadership

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