Three Things Every Successful Creative Freelancer Does

To be a creative freelancer means you are much more than a freelancer. You are self-employed, you are a business owner, and you are an expert in your field.

With that said, it is obvious that you have a lot to juggle, and often have to work even harder than the typical 9-5 employee. But every successful creative freelancer thrives by practicing these three things.

Get Out There

This means so many different things. If you are a freelancer with a home office, this could mean just stepping out during the day for a cup of coffee with a friend. Freelancers tend to spend the majority of their time working alone, but need just as much social interaction as the next person. This also means remembering to attend as many business and networking events as possible to keep up your connections and discover new opportunities. Lastly, if it is in your budget, it may be in your best interest to invest in an affordable office rental. This makes it easier for you to compartmentalize your life to “work when you are at work” and rest when at home.

Have a Firm Grasp On Budgeting

You are your business entity and a big part of that means having control over your finances. Be sure to track and budget everything and save for “dry spells” that will inevitably occur during your work Successful freelancers know how to budget and prepare for the worst possible scenario.

Take a Break

People who are not only creative types, but live a freelancer life can easily get lost in their work. While it is good to have this kind of productivity, it is also important to know when to step away from the work and take time to breathe. Practice meditation or other relaxing activities to provide you with the mental clarity needed to have even more productivity and inspiration.

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