The Benefits of Creative Collaboration Increase With Practice

Working with a team of collaborators can be one of the most rewarding creative experiences possible, especially when you get the chance to work with people across multiple creative disciplines.

The give and take within a group and the possibility for creative ideas to spring forth from the unique perspectives represented makes collaboration a really exciting venture.

However, creative collaboration does not always come naturally. It can be especially difficult when freelance professionals who are used to working for themselves come together to complete a project together. Difficulties can be easily overcome with a little practice and patience.

Learning to listen well is an important skill for having a successful collaboration experience. When people you are working with don’t feel heard they can become frustrated, but as long as you acknowledge what your team mates are saying, disagreements can usually be worked through without anyone taking the differences of opinion personally.

It’s also important to consider how you lead and why. In a recent InfoQ article by Ben Linders, called “Exercises for Leading Creative Collaboration” Linders shares some of the information that Jens Hoffman presented at the 2015 OOP Conference:

“Hoffmann talked about two leading styles: leading particles and leading space. Leading particles means that you are focused on the details and controlling outcomes by gathering information and telling and showing what to do. Leading space focuses on the natural ability to co-create, on what the team wants to achieve. In leading space leaders frame situations and support the team, they are focused on the why to let team members contribute themselves with the what and how.”

You will see your creative endeavors go to the next level when you begin to collaborate with other artists and entrepreneurs. Projects that have become boring and stale take on a whole new life when you seek input from another creative professional you respect.

"Eric is passionately committed to the success of his fellow creatives. The work he's done with Indie Arsenal is exciting and inspirational. Having had the opportunity to work for Eric on the purchase of his new home, I got an inside look at how Eric responds to pressure and adverse conditions. I was impressed to see him juggle work, the needs of his clients and his family with expertise and calm. Eric is a truly talented professional."
Laura Cowperthwaite, Broker Associate, Your Castle Real Estate

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