Should a Freelancer Pay for Bookkeeping Services?

It is easy to think of the business side of your creative freelance business as the price you pay to have the life you enjoy. As a creative freelancer, chances are pretty good that working with the numbers is not your strong suit. However, especially early on in your career as a creative freelancer, you're likely to muddle through the accounting to try to save money.

However, you may want to think about what not hiring a bookkeeper is costing you. Hiring a bookkeeper to track your regular monthly expenses and yearly taxes will cost you a monthly fee. You can get some quotes and see what you think bookkeeping services would cost for your particular needs.

Then, compare it to the time you’re spending on your accounting. If you’re not a great accountant you are probably spending more time than necessary because it is a job you’re not efficient at. What could you be doing with your time instead of keeping track of expenses. Could you be putting more hours in on a paid project? Could you be seeking out new clients?

You may discover that the money you save by doing your bookkeeping and taxes yourself is actually costing you money in paid work you could be bringing in. Plus, a professional bookkeeper may be able to save you money in tax deductions at the end of the year.

If you’re not sure where to begin, ask your freelancing friends who they have hired and recommend.

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