Four Common Fears About Starting a Freelance Business

Thinking of going freelance? Scared out of your mind? Most freelance professionals have been where you are. It's normal to feel this way and don't worry. Relax. You've got this.

Fear #1: Giving up a secure job

Getting a steady paycheck sure does feel good. It gives a sense of security, knowing that you’re taken care of. But what happens if that paycheck stops? It could be for any number of reasons, but is a paycheck from someone else really security? I would argue that being your own boss, controlling your own income, is the most security you could have. You’ve got no one else to blame (or congratulate!) for your money situation. See this opportunity as more security, not less.

Fear #2: Getting started

It can be paralyzing to think about just getting started. Do you register a business? (Spoiler alert: yes you do.) Should you be an LLC or a Corp? How will I find clients? Don’t let paralysis by analysis set in. Just do something and the rest will start to roll. One tip if you’re currently employed: think about the possibility of starting part-time, working on the side/nights/weekends to slowly build your business.

Fear #3: Lack of business knowledge

This can be related to #2 above. Don’t let the fear of what you don’t know keep you from learning. Browse the internet for resources. Get audiobooks or e-books to research in your spare time. Reach out to your fellow freelance peers for support and advice.

Fear #4. Being lonely

Let’s be honest. Freelancing can be a lonely profession. Be sure to get out of the house/office. Exercise. See friends at least once a week. Expand your horizons and be a part of as many networking groups and professional organizations as possible.

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