Design Entrepreneurs Benefit From Collaboration Trends

There has been an exciting trend for community based working environments for entrepreneurs, freelancers and independents. Professionals that have made the leap to work for themselves and go out and start a new thing have realized that just because they work for themselves doesn't mean they have to work by themselves.

Today’s design entrepreneur has all the benefits of owning their work and building a business from the ground up, but they can also work alongside other talented designers and learn from their experiences by participating in co-working environments, creative collaborations or incubators.

According to the Entrepreneur article “Incubators Aren’t Only For Tech Startups” by Lana Bortolot, more and more industries are seeing the benefits of community based work environments.

“Say the word incubator, and thoughts turn to tech-driven business-development hubs. But according to the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA), just 37 percent of North American incubators are focused on technology. The rest come from fields such as manufacturing, arts, fashion and food, and are helping launch businesses across the country.”

An incubator is not right for everyone, especially if you don’t want to risk limiting your creative control in your own start-up. However, you may find that you get all the benefit of the strong industry input and sense of community that you would find in an incubator, simply by joining a networking and collaboration group.

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