Creative Collaboration Can Help Turn Your Initial Failures Into Eventual Success

All great business models involve high levels of innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, thinking outside the box always involves a certain level of risk. When you think creatively, you have a lot of exciting new ideas, but not all of them are going to work. Failure is part of the equation when it comes to innovation.

Of course, sometime what starts out as failure can lead to great success. If you have an idea that doesn’t work out, ask yourself if it could solve a different problem than the one you originally had in mind.

Believe it or not, that’s the story behind the post-it note. Spencer Silver was a scientist trying to create a really strong adhesive. He failed pretty miserably, when he created a really weak adhesive instead. Silver never saw the value in the weak adhesive he had created by mistake, but a fellow scientist Art Fry started to think about what uses he could find for a weak adhesive that would stick to something but not stay stuck. That’s when he came up with the post-it note, using the failed adhesive of Spencer Silver in a new way.

Post-it notes took a little time to catch on, but they were their own best advertisement, as people saw them around and enjoyed them and purchased them for themselves.

As you strive to be creative, you will naturally have some failed ideas, but you can take your creativity to a whole new level if you begin to think of new ways to use your failed ideas. In a community of creative collaboration you can ask the people who work by your side if they can think of another purpose for your initial creative flop.

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