Content Marketing and Content Management Systems Go Together

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing that brings prospects to you rather than you going to them. Finding prospects by going to them requires that you divert their attention from whatever they are doing towards you and your message. Buying advertising on popular websites or television shows, and telemarketing are examples of this. However, most people don't want their limited time interrupted and naturally resist this form of marketing.

Content marketing entails creating and sharing free and “gated” content that naturally interests your ideal customers. They get the content they seek while you establish your brand’s expertise and build trust. Once expertise and trust are established, these people contact you to learn about your services or products. This non-intrusive and seamless form of marketing is highly effective.

Why Use a Content Management System for Your Content Marketing?

The most successful content marketing is prolific. The more quality content your website publishes, the more search engine traffic it receives. Google in particular favors active publishers. However, prolific publishing of expert content is difficult to do when technical barriers get in the way of writers and marketers with the knowledge and expertise that your visitors want. In the past, publishing static web pages required knowledge that included knowing HTML markup. This required the help of a webmaster who was often the bottleneck to the content marketing efforts of content creators.

However, this no longer presents a problem when using a well designed content management system (CMS). A CMS provides an easy to use editing interface for content writers. In addition to text, a CMS also allows easy insertion of images and videos into the content. After clicking the publish button, the CMS automatically handles the necessary code generation for the web page.

Managing Writing Teams

Putting your content marketing into high gear may require teams of writers. Many content management systems facilitate your management of multiple writers and editors. This is often done by assigning permission levels. The permission level of contributing writers restricts them to the content publishing areas of your website. Without this limited access, the entire website is vulnerable to accidental or unsanctioned changes. The right CMS allows the implementation of an editorial process where the writer doesn’t have access to a publishing button. This access is restricted to the writer’s editor who reviews the submitted draft before publication.

Of course, there is more to a website than its content. Site layout and design as well as its functional capabilities often require experts of a different kind. A CMS allows both these technical experts and the writers to do their work without getting in the other’s way.

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