5 Web Design Best Practices

Let's face it. Your website is a critical factor in your business success. The best websites are developed by professionals who understand the purpose of a website and use web design best practices to achieve the desired results. What are some of those best practices?

Attractive Layout

Your website’s appearance needs to appeal to your target audience. A website is appealing when there is a good balance of text, graphics and white space. There are also good complementary color combinations, and a consistent use of header, navigation, and layout on every page. The design has to enhance the text on the page, not distract from it.

Easy to Use Navigation

It’s also essential that visitors can easily navigate the web pages and find the information they want. Good navigation is a roadmap that leads people from page to page in a logical manner. All navigation tabs and links have to work properly to avoid error messages. Navigation links in the footer section of every page and a sitemap are also beneficial to visitors.

Relevant Content

Although the appearance of a website is important, it’s the content that keeps visitors on the web pages. Your website content has to provide relevant and useful information for your target market. By providing solutions to common problems, you establish your business as an expert in its niche, and turn visitors into paying customers.

High Readability

The text on a website needs a font size and font color that is easy to read. The text has to be in high contrast to the background color. Scannable content is also needed for a quick overview by visitors short on time. This includes large headlines, subheadings, and short paragraphs.

Simplicity is Best

With web design, less is usually better. A cluttered webpage is distracting. You want visitors to have a clear understanding of the main message or purpose of your website. A simpler web design makes it possible for visitors to focus on the content. Although you may want to use the latest web design trends on your site, you should only use design elements that are necessary for accomplishing goals.

The best websites engage and retain visitors. By following these best practices, you ensure that your website gets the attention it deserves in a competitive marketplace.

"I hired Eric while working with Omni Medical Marketing to develop the new website for US Center for Sports Medicine and he did an outstanding job. He made everything seem so easy, and of course Eric made it all work on his end. It was great! I could ask Eric a question and he had the answer right then and was great at getting results quickly when we made changes. I will refer Eric and and continue to use him."
Laura Feuerborn, Assistant Manager, US Center for Sports Medicine

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