3 Ways to Increase User Engagement On Your Website

Have you checked your website's analytics lately? Maybe you've noticed low page views and a high bounce rate. That's a sure sign that users are landing on your pages and leaving right away. Multiple factors can contribute to why users are not engaging in your website. Cluttered content, poor web design, and difficult navigation are just a few reasons why. Below are some strategies you can use to help increase user engagement.

Reduce Page Load Time

One huge reason for a high bounce rate is slow page loading. If your website fails to load quickly, it may discourage users and cause them to click away to continue their search. You can check your website’s page load times using Google’s PageSpeed Tools. If your page load times are slow, try removing any unnecessary scripts and reduce image and icon sizes. Also, consider updating your website to use responsive design if it isn’t already.

Improve Overall Design

Is your content easy to read? Is your navigation easy to use? These types of things are important for usability. Users should not find it difficult to read your content. Use legible font sizes and headings to break up sections. Break up longer pages into multiple pages. Remove clutter in your content by reducing images and increasing the use of white space. Ensure your navigation is easy to use by adding links to key pages such as an about page, pricing page, and contact us page.

Keep it Social

People enjoy sharing content they have found useful on social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Place social sharing buttons in easy to find places such as above and/or below your content. This will help increase user engagement as well as gain new followers and readers.

These are only a few strategies to consider to boost user engagement on your website. A web designer who specializes in interactive design can evaluate your current website and recommend the best ways to keep users engaged.

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