Tips for the Creative Freelancer to Generate New Ideas

Many people think that personal creativity is separate from professional success. We tend to divide our lives into “work” and “play.” The proverb “Work while you work and play while you play” illustrates this manner of thinking.

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Why Having Passions Outside of Work is Healthy for the Freelance Professional

Too many people make the mistake of believing that the mark of a successful entrepreneur is becoming a workaholic. But that simply isn’t the case.

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Four Exercises to Increase Productivity

There are many exercises that you can do to increase productivity. These exercises force you to look at things in a different way. If you consider various ways of doing the same thing, you’re bound to come up with more efficient ways of completing your everyday tasks. Additionally, the process of experimentation itself wakes up your mind and forces you to concentrate better.

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Ten Steps to Creative Independence

I hosted a workshop at the 2010 Create Denver Expo on April 10, titled Ten Steps to Creative Independence. What makes some freelancers thrive, while others struggle? What are the traits that make creative independents succeed?

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Three Channeling Tips to Help Idea Generation

Many independent creatives think of themselves as channels rather than originators of an idea. What exactly does this mean?

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The Four Essential Inputs of the Consistently Creative (and Productive) Freelancer

Whether you craft jewelry, words, or images, behind every good creative freelancer is a system designed to keep them productive over the long haul. Having a system establishes consistency, both for your income and your productivity as an artist and freelancer.

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Solitude: The Independent Creative’s Muse

Solitude is often thought of as a lost art. For many, in this age of instant communication, being alone just isn't on the menu. Some people are afraid of what they will find if they let their mind go to a quiet place, while others simply don't know how to shut off their thoughts. Either way, finding some down-time is essential for the independent creative.

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Five Ways To Nurture Your Independent And Creative Side

Being a small business owner is time consuming. When you are working for yourself, there is no one else to call when something needs fixing. And in some ways, that's where the magic lies.

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Seven Quotes To Describe The Independent Creative Life

Studying the mind of the independent creative has baffled more than a few scientists over the years. While we now know that the old notion of left vs. right brain functioning is outdated, and that many neural networks are involved in processing imaginative thoughts, we are still not entirely sure of how creativity works in the brain.

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"I hired Eric while working with Omni Medical Marketing to develop the new website for US Center for Sports Medicine and he did an outstanding job. He made everything seem so easy, and of course Eric made it all work on his end. It was great! I could ask Eric a question and he had the answer right then and was great at getting results quickly when we made changes. I will refer Eric and and continue to use him."
Laura Feuerborn, Assistant Manager, US Center for Sports Medicine

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