Could You Make It as a Design Entrepreneur?

So you may be wondering; could you really make it as a design entrepreneur? Making it as an interior designer, graphic artist, or anyone who does design work is tough. Are there tips or tricks that can make things easy?

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Revenue and Profit: The Heartbeat of Business

Revenue and profit are the lifeblood of any business. They have a direct impact on a business' ability to invest in future growth, stay competitive and deliver the best possible service and product.

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Why I No Longer Charge By The Hour

When deciding on how to approach pricing for your business' services, you have a lot of decisions to consider. One of the most important factors is determining your hourly rate. Once that's accomplished, you'll have to think about how you estimate prices to clients. Do you charge by the project? Or, do you calculate price based on the number of hours required to accomplish the task?

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Getting Paid as a Freelance Professional

If you're a freelance professional, chances are that you're preoccupied with thoughts of increasing your client base, managing your time, and exceeding the expectations of your current clients. Even during your leisure time (if you can even remember what that is) your thoughts bend toward finding ways to improve your business.

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Four Ways to Avoid Late Payments

If you are a freelance professional, you've probably had a client that paid you late for a project. Maybe they were only overdue by a day or two — or maybe they dragged out their full payment over weeks or even months.

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Minimum Fees and Why You Should Have One

Minimum fees are a necessary component of any profitable business. Let's explore what minimum fees are and why I believe you should always rely on them.

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Should a Freelancer Pay for Bookkeeping Services?

It is easy to think of the business side of your creative freelance business as the price you pay to have the life you enjoy. As a creative freelancer, chances are pretty good that working with the numbers is not your strong suit. However, especially early on in your career as a creative freelancer, you're likely to muddle through the accounting to try to save money.

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Charge More to Work Less

As I’ve proceeded down the path of being an independent creative, one thing has become readily apparent: increasing my rates has led to better projects and better clients. In addition to better projects and better clients, I’ve found that I actually work less. Sure, per-project hours tend to be more, but the actual number of hours I’m working per week has decreased.

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"I've worked with Eric on a variety of projects over the years, for several different ventures. Whether designing a website for a commercial client, organizing an education event for creative professionals, or pioneering new frontiers in SEO for the medical industry, Eric is always professional, forward-thinking, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I trust his recommendations about website best practices completely, and his design aesthetic is both innovative and universally appealing. Simply put, he's one of the best in the business."
Jeff Kent, Partner, Campfire Digital

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