Tips for the Creative Freelancer to Generate New Ideas

Many people think that personal creativity is separate from professional success. We tend to divide our lives into “work” and “play.” The proverb “Work while you work and play while you play” illustrates this manner of thinking.

However, does personal creativity really have to be so separate from professional creativity? You can use your right brain while you’re practicing a hobby as well as while you’re working. Here are a few tips for the creative freelancer to be both, personally and professionally creative.

Learning to Think

Thinking creatively is different from thinking logically. When you’re being logical, you go through all the steps that lead you to a certain conclusion. However, when you think creatively, you tend to skip steps. This is why thinking creatively moves you ahead faster. Sometimes, you get flashes of inspiration. This doesn’t mean that the idea that comes to you is irrational or illogical. You might have reached it even if you had adopted logical reasoning. However, when you think creatively, you just get to that point faster.

Can you learn to think in this way? Sometimes, when you think creatively away from work, it becomes a habit and you might start thinking creatively at work as well. The more you expose yourself to examples of creativity—other people’s and your own—the more you learn to think creatively. So try to practice creativity in all areas of your life—when you’re getting dressed for work, cooking a meal or decorating your home. You’ll soon find that it starts bleeding over into your professional life as well, helping you generate new ideas.

Replenishing Your Stores

You can’t be creative unless you replenish your stores. What exactly does this mean? Think of yourself as a car that runs on fuel. You can’t keep using the car unless you refill the gas from time to time. And it’s better to refill it before you run out completely or it might die in the middle of the street.

When it comes to you and your creativity, you also need to keep replenishing your stores. How can you do this? One way of doing it was mentioned above i.e., exposing yourself to more examples of creativity. However, you can also keep doing the things you find fun and experimenting. Watching your favorite TV show might not strike you as particularly conducive to creativity. However, if you have a good time doing it, it will help you to be creative later on. Similarly, going to a play, a museum or taking a vacation and seeing new places are all aids to creativity.

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